A Few Things to Consider When making Online Purchases

A Few Things to Consider When making Online Purchases

July 01, 2018

In this age of online shopping, some basic rules apply to avoid returning purchases because “items may appear larger or smaller on your device”.  

Let’s face it, for a great many of us it has become a reflex action to turn to our computers or phones to locate and purchase products from large appliances to personal items.   I consider myself a seasoned online shopper and thought myself immune to a simple mistake such as failing to check the dimensions of the item I intended to buy.   As I was replacing a broken wine Cooler, I knew I wanted dual zone and my desired bottle capacity.   But did I check height and width of the product or measure the space where the appliance would be placed?  No, I did not, so after unpacking and placing the appliance in the space, I realized my mistake.  I packed it up and returned it feeling quite foolish because I should have known better.

I had a conversation recently with a friend who wanted to purchase a necklace for her granddaughter’s birthday.  I realized as she viewed the item on her computer, she was not seeing a realistic representation of the size of the item she was considering. 

Here’s a good guide when purchasing jewelry online; please, don’t forget to check the details!  Chain necklace sizes and most stones are normally presented in millimeter (mm).  Diamonds are presented in Carat Total Weight (CTW), which describes the total weight of all diamonds in your piece.  If you are unsure of the sizes you want, a 1.5 or 2.0 mm chain, or the size stone in your gem earring or ring, head to your local mall or jeweler.  Seeing jewelry up close provides perspective.  You can ask the salesperson to show you a variety of sizes, this will ultimately allow the opportunity to compare sizes and determine the size that is right for you.  You will then have a frame of reference and confidence to make your online purchase.   Know the same rules apply whether you are considering purchasing a piece of jewelry or a Refrigerator. Details matter!!