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Top Designers

At LaRo Jewelers we offer the best designers in the industry, at the best price! With an exclusive selection of local, national, a and international jewelry designers for you to choose from, we provide our customers with exceptional pieces in a variety of styles, for any occasion.

When you wear a piece of Janie Jacobs jewelry, you feel like you are wearing an original work of art. The Miami designer handcrafts each item herself from precious stones, sea shells, gems, pearls and other items. A writer for Marissa Collections says, “Her necklaces, bracelets, and earrings all have their own distinctive appearance; which culminate from an attention to detail and flair for beauty.” We couldn’t agree more!

Fourteen years ago, Sara began her journey to form her own designer jewelry line, and to share her elegant fashion-sense with the world. Her knowledge in choosing the highest quality stones has made her well-known for producing beautiful handcrafted pieces. Handmade by skilled artisans, many of Sara's designs are inspired by natural floral patterns, a unique mixture of stone colors, elegant metal-work, and astute craftmanship. By finding a happy medium between "the trend" and timeless elegance, Sara has created pieces that can be worn on Special occasions or Everyday events. Her unique creative pallette sets her apart from other high-end jewelry designers. For Sara, jewelry is not just an accessory...but a statement.

We are proud to bring you the Indiri Collection, the finest quality artisan crafted .925 sterling silver jewelry from the island of Bali. Each item is handcrafted with pride in villages that specialize in ancient jewelry making techniques passed down through generations. Each piece is an aesthetically pleasing beautifully crafted work of art that looks and feels good on the wearer. Bracelets, necklaces, rings, and earrings: we offer our customers a curated selection of these finely made Balinese treasures.

We carry a large selection of beautiful hand-crafted roman glass jewelry accented in fine sterling silver, both unique in design, and varied in their permutations: bold necklaces, delicate earrings, brilliant brooches, radiant rings, and more. We welcome you to come on in and see our one-of-a-kind selection…you’ll be glad you did!

You'll feel like you are in a fairy tale when you wear jewelry created by local designer Tracy Pearls. Wondrous handcrafted pieces adorned with fabulous pearls of all shapes, sizes, colors, and luminisence - hand-picked and woven into some of the most beautiful and fanciful earrings, necklaces, and bracelets that you have ever seen. Inspired, classic designs with a contemporary flair, Tracy Pearls jewelry is perfect for that special occasion, office party, or a quick get together with friends. Come on in and choose from our exclusive selection, and watch heads turn!

Specializing in beautiful handcrafted pieces using organic stones, Stix & Stones is a new and welcomed addition to our inventory of top-notch designers. Designer, Delise Davis, is committed to creating modern jewelry that makes a statement and that makes you feel special. Inspired by the beauty of Mother Nature's stones and crystals, as well as architecture and gothic themes, the designs are contemporary while staying true to the past. Pieces are produced in limited quantities so you're sure to have a unique design.